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We are a Full-service Design Build Organization committed to providing our clients with one point of accountability and frustration-free design build experience.


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 The Archkeytick That Builds Your Vision!

Additions — Conversions — Modular Homes — Extensions — House Lifting — Licensed Professionals 

Committed to providing you with one point of accountability for your plans, construction and inspection needs.

We provide you with custom plans in a timely fashion, legitimate permits, build your structure, timely inspections and final sign offs. The sign offs will assure you a refinance or the closing sale of your structure. We are very proactive in ALL the phases of your project — from the plan phase to the very valuable sign off phase.

R. Reid Architect, P.C. has over 45 years working expertise and knowledge in architecture, engineering, construction and construction management. Our most important goal is to present to you how our method of design build frustration free services can save you time!

We are experts in zoning, we are experts in 1 to 2 family conversions and 2 to 3 family conversions, we are experts in retail, we are experts in mixed uses, we are experts in flood areas, we are experts in new buildings, we are experts in interiors - office planning and renovations, we are experts in expediting your plans at agencies that must review your plans and experts in getting your sign off - the new certificate of occupancy!

We are responsible for plan submission, approvals, legitimate permits, inspections, amendments, coordination with governing agencies and sign offs. The permit without sign off exposes the owner to violations! We are responsible for all these items to make this experience not intrusive to your living conditions. We give prices to finish the physical work and the administration of the work with all regulatory agencies, we don’t just give prices to collect a deposit! 

We are proactive in the policies and procedures of the NYC Department of Buildings to minimize your exposure to violations and civil penalties! Call today for a free consultation for that project you have delayed for some time!

CALL TODAY and just ask for Rico to schedule your complimentary consultation. Let us show you how the R. Reid frustration-free design build experience can change your home and your life – FOREVER. Isn’t it time your home paid you back? Let Us...




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R. Reid Architect, P.C.’s Mentoring Program
The Quality Factor: Architects of Tomorrow 

Our mission is to enlighten students and society to the profession of architecture. To teach the next generation of architects to maintain high standards of quality and education that allows us to design and protect the public health, safety and welfare.


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PHOTO (left): R. Reid Architect, P.C. President with U.S. Senator Charles Schumer



Field trip with students from Far Rockaway High School Drafting Institute residential construction site in Jamaica, New York
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Students from Far Rockaway High School’s Drafting Institute enjoyed an guided educational tour of America’s First Green High-Rise Residential Building, The Solaire. The trip was arranged by Anthony Peterson  of Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority.
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1. What is design build?
The traditional process of design, bid and build is being replaced with design build. One of the advantages of design build - elimination of conflicts and closer project coordination.

2. Why are permits required and why are they so important?
The significance of the work permit is to protect the owner and the public. Permits are issued to companies that carry insurance and shall be responsible for the work!

3. What are the risks for work performed without permits?
Violations, civil penalties and court hearings. Default judgements are several thousand dollars!

4. How does the owner avoid stop work orders and violations?
The owner is responsible for hiring full time professionals to create the plans and licensed contractors to do work.

5. What if I want to legalize work?
Most likely illegal work has to be modified or removed. It is rare that illegal work was performed correctly.

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R. Reid Architect, P.C.
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